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back from the dead!

yes, I am still alive.

Work has been going well...I am a bit ashamed to say it but I enjoy this job more than Covance. I truly do miss my 'kids,' but it was the exact same thing every single day. Here, my schedule changes from day to day, and it's kinda nice. We have been a bit slow for the past few weeks, but it's a nice break from the daily overtime I was getting before the holidays.

My biggest at-home project is now wedding planning! Although the big day won't be until May 2012, Andy and I are getting a head start on things by visiting reception sites and going to a bridal show downtown this past Saturday. My mom, Andy's mom, and Andy's sister are also meeting up in GR soon to do some dress shopping.

Have I mentioned here before how much I love this man? It's seriously like being in love with my best friend. I can share anything, anything with him, I'm not afraid to show my dorky side, because he's as much of a dork as I am. I bought my own compound bow to go hunting next year, and I've turned him on to horse racing. I sit and sew while he plays computer games. I can think of only one argument in almost two years of dating, and much of that was influenced by the inability to show emotion through texting.

Andy also has a few cousins that live in town, who we've been hanging out with a lot lately, which is actually really nice. Corinne is attending Western and lives with her boyfriend, and Stefanie just graduated and will soon be moving out to Montana to be with her fiance. For someone who doesn't have a sister, and no close friends in town, it's really nice to hang out with girls around my age.

Also have been busy with some needlework projects;
The Guardian, Finished Piece
yep, finally finished!

Spring Carousel Horse, 1/15/11
slowly trudging along. Those leaves and flowers are killer.

wolves and horses and updates, oh my!

Been plugging away at a few projects...oddly enough, I've gotten more done now that I'm back to work than when I was on unemployment! Here are the most recent photos :)

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Aug. 13th, 2010

You know, the only reason I can laugh at this is because of severance pay.

Tuesday was the big day- I was going back to work. Since all I was going to be doing was orientation stuff, I didn't have to be in until 8:30. Even so, getting up at 7:00 was a bitch considering I've been staying up late and sleeping in for the past week. Doesn't help that I have a boyfriend that is used to 2nd shift hours, either.

I got up, took a shower, dressed nice, put on makeup, made coffee, packed leftovers for a lunch, and literally had purse in hand and was ready to walk out the door when my phone started ringing.

"Hi, is this Sara?"
"Were you planning to be at the 8:30 orientation?"
"Yes, I'm heading out the door now."
"Oh good, I caught you..."

Turns out, my start date had been pushed to Aug. 19th....and they forgot to inform us. A guy I worked with over at Covance was scheduled to start the same day as I, so I asked if he had been informed, because he had to drive from St. Joe. Ha, it was actually when Dave showed up that they realized that they had forgotten to tell us!

So, I get another week of 'vacation,' which, like I said earlier, thank god for severance pay. I at least have a few things to keep me from going completely stir-crazy: I am heading back to my parent's place in Clarkston this weekend for my brother's open house, Andy's mom's family reunion is also this weekend, and Val asked if she could come out for a few days. I'm so excited to see her and my Sunny-butt again, and to meet her new dog, Ryver :)

Research Assistant 2 in the Phamacokinetics Dept.!!!

I'll be doing work that's actually more related to my degree, I'll be getting a little bit more than what I'm making at Covance, PLUS they offered a sign-on bonus.

Oh, and since my start date is after my lay-off date, I'll get my full severance package from Covance!
Ugh, it has been, and continues to be a busy month.

Worked two weekends ago
Chicago last weekend
Crystal's wedding this weekend
Camping the weekend after that...

...I just want a day to sleep in!

I'm driving home back to Clarkston Friday night, as the wedding is in Midland (much closer to C-town than Kzoo...), so yeah, hit me up if you want to see the Tilley. Not sure how long I'll be staying on Sunday though

Andy's mom invited me over to dinner Monday night. He also met my mom Sunday; he came down and met up with us for lunch after we got home. She said that "he seems like a nice...man. I can't say 'boy', because he's not, and I can't say 'young man', because that makes me think of your brother." Haha, gotta love her.

Work is...busy. My boss let two people take the whole week off, so we're understaffed this whole week. Not only are we behind on rotations and weekly medical tasks, we currently have 4 pup orders waiting in the wings. That means I need to find the extra time and personnel to weigh, select, collect & ship serum, tattoo, and group. Also doesn't help that we had an all-hands that was over an hour long today. All of us were there until 4 to get everything done today; I haven't left work on time once yet this week.

Man, I'd really like to crash on the couch and take a nap, but I have too many things to do. I want to go and get my hair colored and cut tonight (at the very least cut, puppies and pretty hair do not go together, haha), and maybe my toes tomorrow. Yes, I know it all sounds so very superficial, but how often do I get to go out and look girly? I'm in actual street clothes for 20mins. a day, wear stinky scrubs all day, work with stinky dogs, and constantly get bruised, scratched, bit, poked, and banged up. I just want to be pretty!

yay! I got an appointment tonight for my hair, so I nead to get headed out the door...

First tattoo!

I finally broke down yesterday and got a tattoo. It's something I've been thinking about for a long, long, time, so this wasn't a 'spur of the moment' type of ordeal. I spent ages figuring out exactly what I wanted and where I wanted it

done by DeeJ at New Addiction Tattoo, Kalamazoo, MI

Why a chickadee? Because chickadees, in addition to being incredibly cute little birds, always seem to be happy and upbeat. They don't migrate away; even during the harshest winter, they can be seen flitting around from feeder to feeder.

And yes, it hurt, especially on the tail area, but it was mostly a 'this is fucking annoying' hurt instead of an 'ouch!' hurt.


Feb. 11th, 2009

I am sitting here, wearing my new pants. Which may not be a big deal to you, but it is to me. Because they're 2 sizes smaller than this time last year. It's beyond my wildest hopes. I haven't been this...small? since before puberty.

Oh yeah, I'm in an 8.

And yet, my diet still consists mostly of coffee, Coke, and fast food. *shrug*

Book Meme from Val

1. Grab the book nearest you. Right now.
2. Turn to page 56.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post that sentence along with these instructions in your LiveJournal.
5. Don't dig for your favorite book, the coolest, the most intellectual. Use the CLOSEST.

"The grouping of all living organisms into three domains (eukarya, bacteria, and archaea) has been based on analysis of ribosomal RNA."

From "Bioinformatics Basics: Applications in Biological Science and Medicine", which has been sitting on my floor for the past 6 months because no one on half.com wants to buy it. :( Can't understand why....

I was parked. Parked. PARKED on the freeway for over 2 hours this morning. I was a half-mile behind this mess, and all I kept hearing on the radio was, "Stay away from 94; it's slow-going out there."

Wait, what? You can't go any fucking slower than STOPPED.

I finally got to work around 9:15...

I love winter.

Hissy cat!

I have a new illegal pet (according to my apartment complex, at least!)

Our Discovery dept. put out a notice that they had to reduce their cat numbers, and adoption was an option, so....I adopted one!

She is a big, fat black cat named Hissy (so named because she swiped and hissed at the other cats when they would get attention and she wasn't), and she just turned 6.

She hid out under my bed for a few days, but she's now out and about, and is usually following me around the apartment. She's also NOT a lap cat, but she lays next to me on the couch or at my feet. She likes to sprawl on the coffee table too...

Her one major quirk, which is more weird than annoying, is that she plays in her water bowl. I don't fill it anymore, because I'll find it spilled out 5 minutes later. Instead, she drinks from the sink. I woke up one night to this scratching sound in my bathroom, and found her gnawing at the faucet. So I know fill up the sink a bit at night and during the day, and voila! Hydrated cat.